Springtime in Beijing: Bright, despite some bluster from the West

Globally, there’s some apprehension that China’s years of express growth have now given way to more moderate growth, of a ‘mere’ 6.5%. However, what many Western watchers may not know is that this rate of GDP growth is the stated goal of the 13th Five-Year Plan (13FYP), a plan put in place for the 2016-2020..

Mainland China’s leading semiconductor-chip foundry, SMIC, drops industry bombshell

Very recently, reports have surfaced that Shanghai Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC), the largest semiconductor-chip foundry on the Chinese mainland, is poised to begin volume production at a 14-nanometer process node in the first half of this year. Sources indicate that the initial product will be a FinFET-type device targeting the smartphone market.   For many..

Taking on the World, China Bootstraps a Domestic Chip Industry

At the beginning of September 2018, the global industry association SEMI® released its “China IC Ecosystem Report”1, which outlines a surge of investment and growth in China’s semiconductor chip industry.   The background to this strategically-driven growth, backed by official policy guidelines and a build-up in funding, is China’s large import overhang in semiconductor chips..

You’d Like a Spectacular 55-inch OLED TV? Just Print One!

OLED technology has been the savage tease of the Flat-Panel Display (FPD) industry for years. While it holds out the promise of brilliant graphical output, plus lower costs compared to LCD production – no backlighting is required – technical difficulties and protracted R&D have resulted in only limited entry to the mass consumer-TV market.  ..

China Grows a Domestic LiDAR Industry

Just as in the West, new companies in China are scrambling for a foothold in the rapidly expanding marketplace for LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology, among them Hesai Photonics Technology Co., based in Shanghai. Founded in 2013, Hesai launched a 32-channel LiDAR sensor for autonomous cars in 2016. This LiDAR scanner is in a..

The Belt and Road Initiative – China Reboots the Silk Road

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) (also known as OBOR, One Belt, One Road) is a proposed transcontinental outreach by China, in the form of trade and infrastructural investment, approximating to the trade networks of the ancient ‘Silk Road’, which at one time linked China with as far west as Europe – despite some ferociously..