Local knowledge,
international reach.

Techworks Asia is now one of the top technology PR agencies in China and Hong Kong, specializing in high tech, and focusing on Asia and in particular Greater China. We are an independent agency, and our main areas of public relations and marketing communications expertise include the electronics, semiconductors and industrial technology sectors.

As an independent China PR agency, fundamentally, we help technology companies to define their communications strategies for this complex region, in order to gain and maintain mindshare and profile in China, Taiwan and Asia, as part of increasing their bottom line. Our knowledge and expertise are reflected in the long client partnerships that  we enjoy, founded in the confidence and trust that they show us.

Our reputation and track record show that we have helped many technology companies in key market sectors to build a dialogue and brand equity with the Chinese and Asian language speaking engineering community, and add value to their business. In several cases, our clients have gone on to achieve successful buy-outs, including acquisitions by Google.