Springtime in Beijing: Bright, despite some bluster from the West

Globally, there’s some apprehension that China’s years of express growth have now given way to more moderate growth, of a ‘mere’ 6.5%. However, what many Western watchers may not know is that this rate of GDP growth is the stated goal of the 13th Five-Year Plan (13FYP), a plan put in place for the 2016-2020..

Mainland China’s leading semiconductor-chip foundry, SMIC, drops industry bombshell

Very recently, reports have surfaced that Shanghai Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC), the largest semiconductor-chip foundry on the Chinese mainland, is poised to begin volume production at a 14-nanometer process node in the first half of this year. Sources indicate that the initial product will be a FinFET-type device targeting the smartphone market.   For many..

Taking on the World, China Bootstraps a Domestic Chip Industry

At the beginning of September 2018, the global industry association SEMI® released its “China IC Ecosystem Report”1, which outlines a surge of investment and growth in China’s semiconductor chip industry.   The background to this strategically-driven growth, backed by official policy guidelines and a build-up in funding, is China’s large import overhang in semiconductor chips..

You’d Like a Spectacular 55-inch OLED TV? Just Print One!

OLED technology has been the savage tease of the Flat-Panel Display (FPD) industry for years. While it holds out the promise of brilliant graphical output, plus lower costs compared to LCD production – no backlighting is required – technical difficulties and protracted R&D have resulted in only limited entry to the mass consumer-TV market.  ..