One-stop exhibition solution for Actel

Actel IIC exhibition case study

Actel is the leader in low-power FPGAs and mixed-signal FPGAs, offering the most comprehensive portfolio of system and power management solutions.

Techworks Asia tailored a comprehensive PR programme for Actel designed to build its profile in Greater China and Asia and raise awareness of its portfolio of product offerings. Part of the program recommended that Actel participate in various key exhibitions and trade shows such as The International IC-China Conference & Exhibition (IIC-China). Techworks identified IIC as a good fit for Actel and as an excellent platform for it to communicate the features and benefits of its products to target clients.

Actel’s local PR team did not have the resources or experience to arrange participation at the event, so this was left to Techworks Asia.

Techworks Asia Approach

  • Organized Actel’s entire IIC registration process.
  • Oversaw the design and construction of Actel’s exhibition booth.
  • Arranged production and printing of signage and promotional materials.
  • Provided on-site support and supervised the layout and dressing of the booth. Techworks Asia also arranged media activities in support of the event, such as:
  • Drafted and distributed an IIC preview release and product release
  • Recommended launching of a new product, IGLOO PLUS, during the show to heighten media interest.
  • Arranged one-on-one interviews with editors from key editors from the trade press

Actel recognized the IIC event as an immediate success and instructed Techworks Asia to register Actel for the same event the following year.

Press clippings
Three articles previewing Actel’s involvement in IIC were published, one in Electronic Engineering Times and two in ESM China. The IIC preview release generated 19 clippings. The IGLOO PLUS release generated 41 clippings, with the releases appearing in top-tier publications.