Taiwan Turns High-Tech Market Mayhem to its Advantage

On June 4, Taiwan announced a programme that would attract international enterprises to partner with local ones for joint investment in the R&D of next-generation technologies. The scheme is to be driven by government subsidies. Clearly it’s to be a classic win-win arrangement, with foreign companies benefitting financially, and Taiwan’s extensive network of electronics and..

China Starts to Un-lockdown, Production Lines Power Back On

By early April, it was clear that China had, however painfully, “flattened the curve”, and the worst of the crushing COVID-19 crisis in China was over. Now it was “back to work”, if only in fits and starts. In mid-April, The Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE) observed that, “China’s manufacturing sector appears to be..

Wounded Wuhan: What Lies Behind the Name?

Located at the confluence of the Yangtze and Han rivers, Wuhan logically evolved into a port city, and it was duly earmarked for economic development at the end of the nineteenth century. A steelworks came into being, and steel remains an economic driver, thanks to good transportation links. Locally available steel then enabled the growth..

China’s Bold AI Plan: Global Dominance by 2030 (part 2)

It would be misleading to think that only China’s established industry leaders have the resources to develop AI chip solutions. Horizon Robotics, for example, offers AI-based solutions for automotive applications, powered by its Brain Processing Unit (BPU™). These deliver high performance at low power, enabling Tier 1s, OEMs and automotive startups to create unique autonomous-driving..

China’s Bold AI Plan: Global Dominance by 2030 (part 1)

While the technical jargon of artificial intelligence (AI) may often seem opaque – “convolutional neural networks”, “machine learning”, “inferencing” – the applications can be extremely practical. Driver safety is a prime example, where complex camera- and radar-derived datasets need to be processed and finally “inferenced”, in the jargon, in milliseconds if not microseconds. Add several..

Packaging in High Demand for China’s Surging Luxury Goods Market

For the packaging industry, China is something of an enigma. Official policy is committed to social equality, free from extremes of poverty and wealth, so it’s perhaps startling to learn that China is fast becoming the world’s largest consumer of luxury goods. Not surprisingly, many packaging companies are now eyeing China’s luxe market as a..