China Grows a Domestic LiDAR Industry

Just as in the West, new companies in China are scrambling for a foothold in the rapidly expanding marketplace for LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology, among them Hesai Photonics Technology Co., based in Shanghai. Founded in 2013, Hesai launched a 32-channel LiDAR sensor for autonomous cars in 2016. This LiDAR scanner is in a..

The Belt and Road Initiative – China Reboots the Silk Road

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) (also known as OBOR, One Belt, One Road) is a proposed transcontinental outreach by China, in the form of trade and infrastructural investment, approximating to the trade networks of the ancient ‘Silk Road’, which at one time linked China with as far west as Europe – despite some ferociously..

Assessing the impact of “Made in China 2025”

In May 2015, China’s State Council officially announced Made in China 2025 (“MIC 2025”), which calls for a mix of market initiatives, technical innovation and state intervention to incentivise and drive the accelerated development of 10 key industrial sectors:   Next-generation information technology (IT) Automated machine tools & robotics Aerospace and aeronautical equipment Maritime engineering..

OLED Displays See Major Success in Smartphone Market

OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technology has always generated a strange state of schizophrenia in the flat-panel display (FPD) industry. While OLED displays are emissive and require no backlighting, making their brilliant graphical output the holy grail of FPD makers, technical difficulties and high costs have dogged the industry’s strenuous attempts to bring OLED TVs to..

Global Semiconductor Sector Sees Surge of Optimism for 2017

The semiconductor industry has long been plagued by the cyclical ups and downs that characterize any number of manufacturing sectors – but with a vengeance. In 2017,  things are at last looking up, according to several analyst houses.   Numbers compiled by WSTS (World Semiconductor Trade Statistics), for example, indicate that the worldwide semiconductor market..

The rapid evolution of mobile advertising is challenging accepted norms and creating new business models

The rapid evolution of mobile advertising is challenging accepted norms and creating new business models. By 2020, mobile will account for more than three-quarters of all revenue generated by online display advertising, according to market research firm IHS Markit.   This is a global trend, emphasizes IHS and IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) Europe, with global..

Smartwatches – A solution looking for a problem?

The scepticism felt by many in the industry is neatly encapsulated by George Jijiashvili, wearables analyst at market research firm CCS Insight, who comments, “The initial hype around full-touch smartwatches has subsided. Despite concerted efforts by numerous consumer electronics makers to break into the category, this type of smartwatch still feels like a compromise, a..