Semiconductor visionary Moore dies at 94

While not strictly following the 12-month cycle that Moore predicted, the development of computer monitors, hard drives, and electronic devices more generally, nevertheless all tracked a roughly 18-month cycle, with new generations of products making previous models obsolete. Famously though, and despite the multitude of achievements that he could rightfully stand behind, Moore was well..

China Adopts World Leadership Role in Renewable Energy

With Xi Jinping yet to commit to attending, or even sending a delegation, how significant is the possible non-attendance by China at COP26, the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties? Publicly, COP26 president Alok Sharma has acknowledged that China will have to be a “key” part of any agreement, and that the “ball..

When 28-nanometer process is all you really need

China, the world’s largest vehicle market, is expected to sell 1.7 million new energy vehicles (NEVs) in the first eight months of this year, up from 600,000 units in the same period last year. The figures were included in comments made by Xin Guobin, vice minister at China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, at..

Asian Women in Tech: Lora Ho and Grace Wang Join the Ranks of China’s Leaders in High-Tech

“TSMC”: these four letters represent for the global semiconductor industry the pinnacle of achievement in foundry services, the contractual manufacturing of semiconductor chips for those companies who choose to remain ‘fabless’, safe in the knowledge that TSMC, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, will get the job done on terms that suit their business model.   Under..

The 14th Five-Year Plan Encapsulates China’s Bold Technology Strategy

China’s National People’s Congress (NPC), or “two sessions” (“lianghui”), took place last month, with passage of the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25) headlining the agenda. Although wide-ranging in scope, the “14FYP” is where we look for clues to China’s evolving plans for its high-tech base.   First, basic research in technology is to receive significant prioritisation,..

International Women’s Day 2021

We will be continuing our series on ‘Asian Women in Tech’ with further pieces in the near future on Lora Ho of TSMC and Grace Wang of Luxshare Precision. For now, we acknowledge the achievements made by women in global society, and consider some of the challenges ahead.   In all walks of life and..

Advanced chip production on Shanghai’s 2021 priority list

Says the report, which was also cited in the China Economic Review, the Shanghai government is aiming to achieve “scaled production” of 12-nanometer semiconductors this year, as part of the nationwide effort to strengthen domestic production. Underpinning this strategy appears to be a move to cut reliance on imported chips amid ongoing US sanctions that..