While Techworks Asia serves a variety of B2B technology sectors, we have historically focused most strongly in a number of areas, including Electronics, Semiconductors, Communications, Manufacturing, Plastics and Polymers, Engineering, and IT. Our clients cover a range of of profiles, from leading and experienced multinationals to smaller specialists looking to enter the Greater China and Asia market for the first time. They may be newcomers to the region, or they may have an existing infrastructure and team of people. They may be starting up for the first time, or looking to develop some new momentum in the region, or as is the case with many of our existing clients they may be maintaining and growing their PR footprint in this region.

Our experience encompasses:

Manufacturing: printed circuit boards, assembly, high-tech engineering and materials
Communications: mobile wireless, wireless infrastructure, networking
Electronics: semiconductors, passives, EDA, components, enabling technologies
Engineering: high-tech polymers, plastics and materials, coatings, metal replacement, artificial joints
IT: cutting-edge enabling technologies
Environmental: automation, green battery technology
Industrial: automation, sensors, communication

We’re happy to say that our client retention record is excellent, and we have acted as a trusted partner for many of our clients for many years.