Asian Women: High Achievers in Hi-Tech

Techworks Asia will be highlighting the achievements of Asian women in tech, in forthcoming articles. The start of this series comes at a timely moment in history, as Kamala Harris becomes the first person not just of colour but of Asian ethnicity to take the office of Vice President of the United States of America. This first post takes a look at the formidably distinguished career of Lisa Su, President and CEO of AMD

Nvidia’s Potential Acquisition of Arm: More Questions than Answers?

They say that politics, and certainly that of the geo-political variety, weaves itself into every walk of life. Well, it seems that this is no more true than in the major announcement the other week of the possible US$40 billion acquisition of Arm by Nvidia. It probably doesn’t take a tech genius nor economics whizz to figure out how far-reaching the implications of this could potentially be.

To the Stars and Moon and Back

On Tuesday June 23, China successfully launched the final satellite of the third generation Beidou Navigation Satellite System (BDS-3), completing global coverage of China’s own GPS-type navigation system, while marking China’s independence of the US-owned GPS.

Taiwan Turns High-Tech Market Mayhem to its Advantage

Taiwan appears to be turning US-China trade tensions to its own advantage. While the US has been imposing restrictions on any exchanges of high technology with China, a complex web of supply chains, also buffeted by the COVID-19 crisis, has been seeking to adjust. Taiwan is now proposing that its own high-tech base might be the solution.