China’s Bold AI Plan: Global Dominance by 2030 (part 1)

By 2025, China is to be the world’s leader in some AI technologies and their applications, while making major breakthroughs in fundamental AI theory. Applications will include smart manufacturing, smart healthcare, smart cities, smart agriculture, and national defence, with the value of core AI industries reaching 400 billion RMB (US$57.41 billion), while AI-related industries reach 5 trillion RMB (US$717.69 billion).

Engineering design to the fore in UK’s own ‘Middle Kingdom’

In Chinese, ‘China’ translates literally as Middle Kingdom. From 16th to 17th of October 2019, the Engineering Design Show ( took place in the UK’s very own Middle Kingdom, or somewhat more modestly, the Midlands of England. Two members of the Techworks Asia team went on tour to explore the show, and also to present a workshop on ‘Marketing in China: Challenges, Pitfalls, Opportunities’.

Gerhard Schubert Extends Outreach to Technical Media at ProPak China 2019

A fascinating factoid for entrepreneurs in the world of packaging is that China is now the world’s second-largest packaging market after the US. China’s consumers are now driving demand for a range of goods requiring sophisticated packaging, including luxury items such as cosmetics. This is the backdrop to the huge gathering that was ProPak China 2019, June 19-21, in Shanghai.

Springtime in Beijing: Bright, despite some bluster from the West

Springtime in Beijing brings with it China’s annual political “Two Sessions”, when the National People’s Congress (NPC), China’s legislative body, meets, as does the advisory body, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). There can be little doubt that this year’s Two Sessions were of especial interest, both within China and without. Impatient for the headline points? Well, how does 6+% GDP plus enhanced foreign investment opportunities sound. Positive enough outlook for you?