Techworks Asia Clients Carry off Four CEM Editor’s Choice Awards 2019

Techworks Asia clients have picked up several prestigious and much-coveted “Editor’s Choice” accolades in recent CEM magazine awards.

Founded in 1995, China Electronic Market (CEM) was one of the first publications in China to focus on the electronics and semiconductor industries. It is held in high regard by China’s design engineering community and enjoys a wide circulation. The annual CEM Editor’s Choice Awards are much coveted, and entrants face intense competition. It’s with a justified sense of pride that Techworks can announce that four of its clients have won CEM Editor’s Choice 2019 Awards.


Allegro Microsystems won the “China’s most competitive sensor products in 2019” award for its ACS772/3 family of current sensors. These automotive-grade high-voltage isolation current sensors provide economical and precise solutions for both AC and DC current sensing up to 400A. They have a small footprint compared to competing solutions, while their very fast 2.5-microsecond response time enables overcurrent fault detection, considered ideal for safety-critical applications.


IP specialist CEVA won the “China’s most competitive IoT solution in 2019” award for its RivieraWaves Bluetooth 5.1 IP. This platform provides a comprehensive solution for Bluetooth low energy and dual-mode Bluetooth connectivity and offers a flexible wireless interface that can integrate RivieraWaves RF or the RF IP of various partners. The RivieraWaves Bluetooth IP platform supports all Bluetooth 5.1 features, including LE 2.0Mbps data rates, long-range and LE advertising extensions and AoA/AoD-based RTLS (Real-Time Location Services).


Molex won in “The Most Competitive Power Device in China” category, for its EXTreme Ten60Power connectors. These offer standard modular parts, allowing customers to purchase a connector that exactly meets their power and signal needs, without paying for excess contacts or tooling.


This 2019 win continues an exceptional run of success by Molex, now an eight-times winner since the CEM awards began, with consecutive wins over the past five years, including this 2019 award.


Nordic Semiconductor was the winner of the “China’s most competitive development tools in 2019” award, for its Thingy:91 multi-sensor cellular IoT prototyping platform. This easy-to-use battery-operated prototyping platform for LTE-M, NB-IoT and GPS is ideal for creating proof-of-concept demos and initial prototypes in the cIoT development phase.


In terms of selection criteria, the 2019 Editor’s Choice Awards considered brand influence, market share, technological innovation, and product service. The brand of the award-winning product had to be well known and generate feedback and wide interest within the industry. The award-winning product also had to demonstrate a sound sales performance in the Chinese market and be among the best of its peers in market share. The award-winning product had to have at least one innovative feature, while the vendor had to provide convenient pre-sales, sales and after-sales services.


CEM comments that the competition for this 2019 edition of the Editor’s Choice Awards was extremely fierce. Members of the jury spent a lot of time and energy on the selection process, and after more than three months of intensive deliberation, 17 products from 14 companies were awarded.


These four awards are representative of how Techworks Asia clients have consistently captured China’s leading technical-media awards for innovative leading-edge products. Techworks has offered its support every step of the way, helping, wherever possible, to make the application process smooth and strategically sound. Exceptional technologies and products deserve the best PR effort available in the rapidly evolving high-tech China market, and at Techworks we believe the results speak for themselves.